Coaching Vs Online Preparation For Maharastra SSCHSC

The two most important state-level examinations in Maharashtra are SSC and HSC. A good score in SSC means the chance for the students to get admission in their preferred stream in good junior colleges. On the other hand, a good score in HSC means the opportunity to get admission in any professional course as well as any other course for graduation. These two examinations are, thus, very crucial to a student in Maharashtra and it is very important for them to score as high as possible in these exams. To score high, the students need proper guidance and assistance. What kind of training is more suitable for a student to crack SSC and HSC? Training in coaching centers or online preparation?
Contrary to the popular belief that traditional offline coaching centers are a better option, online platforms for preparation are actually breaking all the barriers of offline coaching centers and are being more effective and efficient in helping students prepare for competitive examinations. The following are some of the important advantages that online preparation offers over offline coaching classes:

  1. Most of the students find it difficult to maintain balance between school and coaching class. After 6 hours at school and 4 more hours at coaching class, they are so tired and exhausted that they cannot study properly. In case of studying online, students can have access to the study-materials, video lectures, solutions, practice sets, and mock test series from their home. They do not have to sit at coaching classes for long hours at a stretch after school. In an online platform, they can also study whenever they feel like. This helps students to stay energetic, motivated and focused during their preparation. Also, it enables students to pay more attention because he is in control of his study hours and the study environment.
  2. In coaching centers, teachers teach in a manner and pace keeping in mind the average student. So, if you are a fast learner, you will be dragged down by others. On the other hand, if you take more time to understand and learn, you will be left behind. In online preparation, students are in control of their studies. They can decide how fast or slow they can go about.
  3. If you miss a class in your coaching center, you will lag behind and will have to catch up on your own. The teachers won’t wait for you. This doesn’t happen in online preparation since you are in full control of your studies.
  4. In offline coaching classes, hundreds of students are enrolled in each batch. So, it is not possible for the teachers to pay attention to every individual. Also, most of the coaching classes end up as a one-way interaction with students not getting the opportunity to clear their doubts. Cracking competitive examinations like SSC and HSC needs personalized guidance, which only online platforms can offer.
    Not just SSC and HSC, cracking any competitive examinations in today’s world will be easier with online preparation. Online platforms like neet results provide free study materialsand the option to clear your doubts for competitive entrance examinations. Embibe also provides detailed personalized feedback pinpointing where a student is lagging behind and gives suggestions on how to improve, which doesn’t happen in coaching centers.

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