How to Combat the Biggest Barriers to Career Success?

When we talk of success in a career, we normally mean that a person has shifted from the mediocrity of his/her current job to a career path that is fulfilling his/her dreams. It is a concept that is better said than done. In reality, most of us have made up certain walls around us, which prevent us from attaining what we aspire for. These walls are erected because of our own limiting beliefs and we don’t realise it until we are confronted with.

If we really want to get out of the rut and reach the place we want to, we will have to find ways to go under, over, around or through these walls irrespective of whether you have opted for Jenkins Jobs or microstrategy jobs. Here are some of the ways that can assist you in combating these barriers that keep you away from the desired success in career.

  1. What Success Means to You?

Success is a multifaceted, personal concept. For some, it is making bags full of money, while for others it can be having great relationships. Still, there will be people out there who consider enjoying life on their own terms as a mark of success. Thus, until you have your own measure of success defined, you will be chasing a vague version of success like a ghost, but never actually managing to achieve it.

  1. Wipe Out All Negativity

If you are at the wrong place, there is a high probability that negative emotions like frustration, fearfulness, depression, gloominess etc. engulf you. If you try to get rid of the wall under the veil of these strong negative emotions, you are bound to fail. This is because the negative emotions rip you of your ability to think and act rationally. Thus, you need to wipe off this negativity before starting afresh.

  1. Detach Yourself from the Obstacles

Looking at the barrier that is holding you as an outsider gives you a better and fresh perspective. Taking it as your personal barrier often demotivates a person and he/she is not able to look at it indifferently. Often the solution is easy, but since we are totally engrossed and feel defeated we are not able to see through it.

  1. Don’t Get Deterred By Failure

Don’t get disheartened if you fail in your attempt. Persistence is the key, which is not a flashy or a glamorous thing but a valuable attitude. Faltering initially should not deter you and you should keep trying until you succeed.

Being positive in outlook and knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help in breaking all the walls that are keeping you confined.



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