What Can You Do With a Degree in Cyber Security?

For many workplaces, the threat of cyber threat is a huge concern. As more and more companies bring their businesses online, cyber threats become more and more sophisticated in infiltrating software systems and stealing data. Cyber security is one of the fastest growing fields in the world, creating close to a million job openings worldwide in 2016 alone. If you’re pursuing a career in cyber security, continuing education is key. Here are some of the key benefits to getting your bachelors in cyber security.

Be in High Demand

The demand for cyber security professionals is already high, with a million job openings in the IT sector from the last year alone. This figure is projected to increase to 6 million worldwide by 2019. As malware and viruses become more and more complex, cyber security becomes more and more of a must-have for businesses that deal in sensitive, privileged information. As a cyber security professional, you’ll be able to protect businesses from being exploited, strengthening their infrastructure, and creating a safer online experience across the board. Your cyber security degree will also give you the tools to combat even larger threats to national security and military security, should you decide to pursue government work.

Choose From a Wide Range of Jobs

Whether you’re interested in finance, healthcare administration, or moving straight into the tech sector after graduating, cyber security affects almost every aspect of the workforce. Any job that involves storing information online has to deal with the risk of cyber fraud. As such, someone with a degree in cyber security forms a crucial part of any work team. Whether you get your degree from a prestigious university like Cal Lutheran or get trained in a community college or the military, your skills in the field will serve you well in industries across the board, from retail, to finance, to healthcare. A degree in

Enjoy a High Salary

Because cyber security professionals are in such high demand, the starting salaries for most jobs in the field are highly competitive. Cyber security jobs have a starting salary rate that’s about 50 percent higher than most jobs in the IT sector. If you’re already working in IT, deciding to specialize in cyber security is almost guaranteed to give you an automatic pay increase. There’s also ample room for freelance workers if you’re looking for something more flexible.

Have Great Job Security

With the threat of cyber threat rising every day, the need for cyber security professionals isn’t going anywhere. If anything, the importance of the job will only become greater as cyber-crime becomes more sophisticated and prevalent in the workforce. The need for trained experts in the field is projected to increase drastically in the next two years. Cyber security also has an exceptionally high ranking in terms of job desirability, coming in 8th in a 2015 ranking of the world’s most desirable jobs. Entering the cyber security field means not only a wide range of job options to choose from, but also becoming an integral part of any workforce.



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